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Vegan Carmel Bar

Oh man you guys. I’m not going to lie. I messed up on this recipe. I was trying to make a lara bar but what I really made was this ridiculous carmely (yes it’s a word that I just made up) treat! You guys won’t believe how ridiculously good this tastes.

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Virgin Piña Colada

When you are in the Caribbean, you see coconuts EVERYWHERE. And they are so cheap! There are men walking around with carts full of coconuts and you can buy them for SO cheap. Usually they just open them up right then and there for you but we wanted to buy more to take them home.

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Vegan Tortilla soup

Oh my deliciousness. I love tortilla soup. There are so many different versions of this soup and this one is definitely a winner. This is another recipe I adapted from the oh she glows cookbook by the blogger Angela Liddon. Seriously, that woman is a flipping genius.

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