July 2014

Quinoa Greek Salad

Warning… This recipe has feta cheese. If you are strictly vegan then just omit it. Otherwise, make sure you get organic grass fed feta! That is the most nutritious type of feta cheese!

As we are getting ready for our move, I’m trying to use up our Costco sized bag of quinoa. I remember loving a greek salad I made with coos coos so I thought… hey! Why not try a quinoa greek salad?!?!

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Minty Green Goodness

So if you know me at all you know how big of a fan I am of juicing. It’s the best. Seriously. I lost 15 pounds drinking one juice a day. Not as a meal replacement, but more of a vitamin shot booster. That’s what fresh juice is you know? An injection of vitamins right into your vitals! It’s great!

We have an omega vrt 350 HD. After researching juicers for a few months and taking back our first two omega juicers (one centrifugal and the other an earlier model of the one we have now), we have found that nothing yields as much juice from our leafy greens as this one.

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Odwalla Mango Tango

If you haven’t tried Odwalla’s Mango Tango juice, then you are missing out my dear friend. These guys are tasty to the MAX! I was craving one the other day but these juices are actually a bit pricy. So, I thought to myself, why not just make one myself?

Ingredients? Check! Vitamix? Check! Time to make some mangoey (yes it’s a word) goodness.

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