5 tips to help go plant-based

Ok so I am back from my husbands family reunion. We went on a cruise (seriously the best idea for a family reunion) where we could relax in the pool, eat delicious food that was prepared for us… which meant no bickering over where we should eat, go down waterslides, practice our flo-riding skills (mine were non-existent), rock climb (yeah there was a rock climbing wall on the flipping ship), and enjoy each others company on the gorgeous Caribbean sea. Real life was a real kick in the butt.

I had about 4 loads of laundry that stared at me waiting to be folded for 4 days. I was kind of in denial about really being back and having to do house work. However, I rolled up my sleeves, gave my 4 year old a rag and made her wash the floors and say “I love you Ms. Hannigan.”

But the real reason I wanted to post is that I’ve had so many people ask recently about going plant-based that I wanted to share my top tips for doing so! These 5 tips to help go plant-based were essentially my bible when my husband and I drastically changed our eating habits.


When we wanted to stop eating as much meat, we decided it was best to just stop buying it. Meat is expensive so it ended up saving us money in the end! Plus there is plenty of opportunity to eat meat without having to buy it and cook it yourself. There are work parties (is that what you call them? Can you tell I’m a stay at home mom?), invites to dinner, church activities, cow appreciation day at chik-fil-a, seriously endless opportunities for you to get your “fix” of meat. Unless you have no friends, no church, and no job… then it might be harder for you.


Want to stop eating cookies every night? Stop buying the stuff to make them. I replaced the fake sugary maple extract syrup with the real kind. Now I use it WAY less than I used to because it is WAY more expensive haha. Refined sugar is the death of everything. Ok fine I recognize that is a slightly dramatic statement but it’s true! Just like the opportunities you have to eat meat, you will have more that enough opportunities to eat that junk. I have a friend here who makes the BEST soft chocolate chip cookies. If I am over there and she has just made some cookies, you can bet your bottom dollar I will eat one. So stop buying SUGAR!


As soon as you start reading labels, you realize how much sugar you have been consuming. I couldn’t believe how many products have added sugar in them! It’s crazy. Processed food is such an enemy to your body. When you read the labels, you can see exactly what you are fueling your body with. Give it clean energy!


I was talking to a friend about how we only have whole grains at our house and they responded “oh I could never do that; I’ll just eat less.” How silly! Whole grains are more filling so you actually eat less than when you eat refined bread and pasta. There’s so much variety with whole grains too! You don’t have to give up pasta to be healthy… just swap those refined noodles for 100% whole wheat ones! Is Pad Thai your thing? Did you know that 100% whole grain brown rice noodles exist? They are totally my jam. If you are just disgusted with the idea of swapping out your precious refined grains… start with half and half. Half white rice, half brown rice in your fried rice. Slowly but surely you will be converted!


Community is so important in every aspect. The more people you have to talk to about it with, the better! If you are struggling with one thing, another person may know just the advice to give! It was so nice that Dan and I went on this journey together. Not buying meat was pretty easy for me, which made it easier for him not to eat it. Sugar was/is my weakness. Luckily I have Dan to lean on for that.  We also had another friend who had recently started eating plant-based. She was an excellent cook and had terrific recipes to share!


There you go! 5 tips to help you go plant-based! These helped us out a ton!

Another person recently asked if we had trouble feeling filled on a plant-based diet. I don’t at all but some others I know mentioned they had a hard time. My advice is to simply eat more plants! Try eating an apple 15 minutes before your meal. Or drink 8 ounces of water and wait 15 minutes. If you are still hungry, eat more! Most of the time, we only think we are hungry because we are so used to filling our body with more than we actually need!

ok… no recipe today so just enjoy these crazy pictures of me and my sister at Disneyworld and some of our family cruise!

NBD Everest is in the background.

Eyeliner got everywhere and was like this for over an hour

in front of our future home

Relaxing after a long day in the sun

There was an amazing plant-based dish that we ordered for dinner that night! We had such a good time!