Vegan Carmel Bar

Oh man you guys. I’m not going to lie. I messed up on this recipe. I was trying to make a lara bar but what I really made was this ridiculous carmely (yes it’s a word that I just made up) treat! You guys won’t believe how ridiculously good this tastes.

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Homemade Larabars

Ok so these Homemade larabars are terrific. My daughter is a little munchkin and eats like 3 bites of food and is done. So…. basically we eat a lot on the go because an hour after breakfast, she is hungry.

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Cinnamon Apple Chips

On our move to Wisconsin we did a ridiculously long road trip to get there. Because our days of Junk food are over, we stopped a lot at Target for lunch to pick up a salad and carrots and berries. We also looked for other good healthy snacks to take with us on the road. We became quite addicted to these delicious things called apple chips.

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Berry Fruit Leather

Remember eating fruit roll ups as a kid? I would beg my mom to get the cool ones with shapes in them. Have you ever looked at the ingredients in those things? It’s scary how much refined sugar is in there! They are also sticky and messy.

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