Cinnamon Apple Chips

On our move to Wisconsin we did a ridiculously long road trip to get there. Because our days of Junk food are over, we stopped a lot at Target for lunch to pick up a salad and carrots and berries. We also looked for other good healthy snacks to take with us on the road. We became quite addicted to these delicious things called apple chips.

Oh. My. Stars. I am now OBSESSED with apple chips. They are crispy and snacky (yes, that is a word) and just mostly delicious.

And guess what season it is…? APPLE PICKING SEASON!!!!! They didn’t have any apple orchards near us in LA but boy do they have them here!

Also my husband and I decided that we were going to eat raw vegan for two weeks and that lasted only a day so we have a bazillion apples left over!

Yes. You should expect heaps more apple recipes. Get ready fools.

Ok… back to these tasty apple chips…. This recipe is EASY! Anyone can do this.

apple chips


I used red delicious because I like the way they look in pictures but you can use any type you want!


apple chips


apple chips


apple chips

Apple Cinnamon Chips


2 Large Apples


Parchment paper

Pre heat oven to the lowest degree possible. Mine was at 170. Cut the apples into thin slices. I used a mandolin on size 1. Put your parchment paper on top of your cookie sheets and lay the apple slices as close to each other. Mine were slightly overlapping. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and place in the oven for 2 hours. Once they have been in there for two hours, swap positions of the sheets and leave them there for two more hours. If they are crispy enough for you, take them out and enjoy!