Mason Jar Salad

So sometimes i am a pretty darn good spouse/life partner to have. No, I’m not bragging. Well kind of.

My husband decided he needs more veggies in his life on a daily basis. I whole heartedly and maybe a little too enthusiastically agreed. “Good! You can help me!” He exclaimed.

“OF COURSE I’M GOING TO HELP YOU GET MORE VEGGIES! ALL HUMANS NEED MORE VEGGIES! THAT IS MY LIFE GOAL FOR PEOPLE.” Hence, making a daily mason jar salad for his lunches commenced.

Exhibit A


I have a pretty standard recipe that utilizes lots of good things! I’m a sucker for buying beets because I like to make chocolate cupcakes with them. But I can’t be making cupcakes all the time am I right? So I had a LOT of beet in my fridge. Why not add those to his mason jar salad!!??

So basically its a bit more prep than just giving leftovers but totally worth it. We don’t have much more leftovers these days anyway. Apparently boys really do eat more than girls. My little baby boy isn’t a baby anymore; he has all his teeth, sleeps in a twin sized bed, is potty trained, and eats SO much food. When did my baby grow up?

These mason jars are my favorite. If this salad is the main part of your meal, I HIGHLY suggest making it a pint sized Mason Jars

Mason Jar Salad


salad dressing 1/2 cup

cooked quinoa (enough to cover the dressing… see instructions.. about 1/2 cup)

A quarter of shredded beet

1/2 shredded carrot

sprinkle of pine nuts

1/4-1/3 cup black beans

2-3 strawberries cut up in pieces

1/4 cucumber or pepper peeled and diced

1/2-1 cup of lettuce or other type of greens

To assemble:

Start with the dressing of choice in a pint sized glass mason jar. Add spoonfuls of quinoa until it covers the dressing. Add the beets and quinoa. Next sprinkle about 10 pine nuts onto the veggies. The beans go on top of that. Strawberries go in next, followed by the cucumber or pepper. Then with whatever space is left, pack with lettuce. Put in more or less of whatever you like best! It varies day to day at our house!!