Raw Peanut-Butter Vegan Oreos

I love Oreos. Always have. Always will. But actually I hate that it’s really not food at all. No, really… go check the ingredients… you’ll be like… “what the heck?”

So as I was scouring the internet for some sort of healthy oreo recipe I found this one and changed it a bit to get rid of the minty taste and add a peanut butter one instead. Because an oreo is NOTHING without peanut butter. duh.

peanut-butter oreos


The key to making these babies REALLY yummy is to dip them in chocolate. You can make your own or if you are feeling lazy, you can dip them in super dark (dairy free) chocolate chips.

peanut butter oreos


I won’t lie, i was in a pretty big hurry to make these and so I just melted chocolate chips. But feel free to be healthier and make your own!

raw oreo

Anyway, you really need these raw peanut-butter vegan oreos in your life. Like now

Raw Peanut-butter Oreos



2/3 cup almonds

2/3 cup walnuts

1 cup pitted dates (i used medjol)

3 TBSP raw cacao powder

1-3 TBSP water if needed



1 cup coconut chips

1 cup shredded coconut

2 TBSP peanut butter (if not salted, add a pinch of salt)

2 TBSP coconut oil (melted)

1/2 TSP vanilla extract or powder


For the cookies: place the nuts into your vitamix or food processor and grind into a flour like substance. Place all of the rest of the ingredients (except the water) into your blender and process until it is sticking together. If it isn’t, add the water a tablespoon at a time till it does. (mine worked great with just 1 TBSP) Roll the mixture into balls and flatten out into a circle on parchment paper. Do this until all the dough is gone. Should make about 24-26 circles. Place in the freezer to set for a while and work on the creme!

Place all the ingredients for the creme into the vitamix and blend away! Place dollops of the creme onto the cookie circles and sandwich the cookies.

Throw the cookies into the freezer and then throw them into the freezer while you make the dipping chocolate!


Melt the chocolate and dip a little more than half of each cookie into the chocolate.

Store the cookies into the freezer until you are ready to eat them!

Vegan Oreos
Vegan Oreos
Raw Vegan Oreo Recipe. Taste so good, you'll never buy a regular oreo

Prep Time: 20 minutes